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Evidence based and person-centred
approach to treatment

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Sports Injury Management

At Camilla Noble Physiotherapy we offer evidence based and up-to date assessments of any sports injury. This includes a detailed look into mechanisms of injury…

Management of chronic pain conditions

At Camilla Noble Physiotherapy we are incredibly passionate about the assessment and treatment of chronic pain conditions. This approach filters into every single condition treated (acute or chronic)…

Neuromusculoskeletal & Orthopedic Physiotherapy

NMS and orthopedic physiotherapy has a focus on the assessment and treatment of a myriad of conditions which relate to the neuromuscular skeletal systems of the body…

Exercise-Based Rehabilitation

At Camilla Noble Physio we use a top quality program called  TrackActive in which we provide the patient with exercises which include detailed descriptions as well as videos of how to do each exercise…

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation encompasses taking a patient right from the initial phases of rehab to restoration of previous function. At Camilla Noble Physiotherapy…

Other Services

Manual Therapy

This includes soft tissue treatment and joint mobilization techniques in order to modulate pain and restore joint range of movement.

Dry Needling

This includes adjunct therapy used as a pain management strategy in both acute and chronic conditions.


We offer both kinesio strapping and rigid strapping.

The aim of rigid strapping is to provide support to an injured area and kinesio strapping provides proprioceptive and postural feedback which can help in the early stages or rehab



Camilla Noble

Camilla is incredibly passionate about the management and treatment of patients with chronic pain presentations. Her passion for pain was sparked in undergrad through the lectures of Professor Romy Parker. Since graduating, Camilla describes herself as a “pain nerd” and in her spare time she stays current in literature, reads popular psychology and pain neuroscience books…